Tim Pitts was born in Shreveport, Louisiana; Ruth Pitts in West Hartford, Connecticut. Tim started his cooking career down south working in various restaurants in Louisiana.  Ruth attended the Culinary institute of America. In 1989 Ruth and Tim met working  together at DeMarco restaurant in Nantucket. Over the next five years they worked seasonally at DeMarco where they gained a devout following of diners and began honing their cuisine style. In 1995 they relocated their talents to The Summer House in S'conset, Nantucket where they were co-chefs for two seasons. In 1997 they opened Centre Street Bistro and have been creating their cuisine since then. Ruth makes bread and desserts daily and cooks lunch or breakfast daily while Tim is the dinner chef.

Tim and Ruth both feel that food is an art form. This philosophy and their talent and experience blend and balance each other to allow them to create the innovative and sensational dishes served at Centre Street Bistro. Because they cook with a minimum of butter, cream, and eggs, the pure, honest flavors of their ingredients shine through, and the chefs insist on using only very fresh, high-quality ingredients. “I think that’s why our food tastes so good, because it’s very uncomplicated.” One of their patrons’ favorite dishes is a Goat Cheese Tart that is made with only four ingredients.